Is it possible to change the service parameters or accounting period at any time?

Yes, you can Change your order in the Order Summary. You’ll also find the option to change the billing period there.The system will account the original order, create a new order, and deduct the unused part of the original order from the new order. The ability to change service parameters or billing period can not be used 14 days before the end of the billing period. In this case, you must first pay for your original order and, preferably the same day, change your order. Then you will not lose one day without a discount on the billing period.

Do you also offer the hosting of content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or enterprise or development information systems?

Yes, please have a look at the TurnKey GNU/Linux images offered for the VPS service.

Do you also provide the web hosting service?

Currently, we do not offer the web hosting service. However, it is possible to use multi-hosting through the ISPConfig image which can be selected when ordering a VPS. Your VPS will gain the same administrative possibilities as can be found in any other web hosting services. If you also order Administration, you will have a service identical to dedicated web hosting / multi-hosting. For modern programming languages/frameworks (Tomcat, node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django) we have runtime environments pre-packaged and ready to use in the TurnKey GNU/Linux images.

Do you also offer managed VPS or dedicated web hosting?

Yes, just order the additional service of Administration to your VPS or Server Hosting service.

Do you have a datacenter outside the Czech Republic?

Currently, we do not. Latencies inside Europe are negligible. Therefore the services can be used safely outside the Czech Republic.

Do you limit data transfers to foreign countries?

No,we do not. There is no difference between connectivity to the Czech Republic and other countries.

Is it a problem to rent the server just for a few months? Do I have any form of commitment?

No, you do not. If you do not prolong the service and pay for the next term, you do not have any commitment towards us.

Do you accept PayPal or BitCoin?

No, you can pay us only with a credit card or through bank transfer.

I cannot register. It says I am using disallowed anonymization techniques.

Due to a high number of malicious registrations, we have introduced the detection of open proxy servers. Unfortunately, if there is NAT or a dynamic IP address on your Internet connection, someone else could have ruined your reputation. If you think that it is the case, then write to us on the online chat and add some information, such as where are you from and who is your Internet provider.

The VPS service

When setting up a firewall, do I need to leave something accessible to you?

No, you do not. We need no access to a VPS server when the administration supplementary service is not ordered. Please leave only the DHCP service allowed (ports 67 a 68 of the TCP/UDP protocols). Without it, the server could lose its network connection.

My connectivity is breaking apart when there is a lot of connections.

You may have encountered our DoS attack protection which, for the reason of protecting the reputation of our own IP addresses, is also enabled in the outgoing direction. If you have a paid service, we will gladly increase your connection limits.

Do you limit the amount of data transferred per month?

No, we do not. In the case you really need reserved transfer bandwidth, then the Server Hosting price list will be applied. Under no circumstances do we tolerate wasting on bandwidth with services which can also potentially break the law, such as ToR, BitTorrent, and similar.

I cannot send e-mail from my VPS.

In the VPS service, some ports are being blocked, so as to protect the Internet from unsolicited mail also known as SPAM. The problem can be solved by altering the firewall of the VPS in question. To do this, it is necessary to have the Firewall supplementary service ordered for the VPS. It allows altering the rules on the virtualization platform level from the Customer Portal. Changing the rules inside the VPS won’t solve the problem. This is why it is not possible to change the firewall rules in the case of the test Free VPS. If you need to alter the firewall settings, please upgrade to the paid VPS and order the Firewall supplementary service.

Do you support Xen?

No, our virtual servers are run only on KVM. If you need some other hypervisor, we will gladly install and administer for you in the Server Hosting service on rented server/servers.

I have a VPS at another provider. Will you help me migrate it to you?

Yes, we will gladly convert the VPS image for free and run it on our platform. We can also help and advise in other ways.

Can one VPS have more IPv4 addresses?

No, this is possible only on the Public Cloud service and also on rented physical servers (Server Hosting).

I would like to try a server application for 7 days, and the default configuration of the test VPS is too low.

Please write to us and include what application it is, the predicted capacity requirements and, if your request is reasonable, we will have the higher test configuration ready for you.

Where do I find the password to my VPS?

You will get it by e-mail, as soon as the VPS is created and ready to use.

Is the VPS service suitable for cryptocurrency mining?

No, the VPS service is not designed for continuous 100% CPU utilization. Cryptocurrency mining is not profitable on our standard servers even when using 2 or more CPUs. Attempts to mine cryptocurrency are considered as a violation of the Terms of Service and may result in the termination of the service. However, you can place specialized GPU mining rigs or ASIC miners in our data centres using the Server Housing or Rack Housing services.

VPS Windows

Windows in the Free VPS mode is too slow.

The Free VPS only has 1 GB of RAM. Applications, mainly web browsers will be slow. Please upgrade to the paid version. If you need to try out a particular application, then write to us, and we will increase the performance of your test VPS.

My server service does not work on Windows.

Do you have its port allowed in the Windows Firewall?

I cannot download anything in Windows.

The server edition has the Safe browsing mode for Internet Explorer turned on by default. Deactivate it in the Server Manager.

I cannot get onto the Windows VPS using RDP.

Give the server a while so that it manages to start up and configure itself. Windows boots up two times after it is created.

VPS backup

Is it possible to add freely usable backup space to a VPS?

Yes, priced according to the Server Hosting price list.

Can you restore the complete state of a server from a backup?

Yes, but this function is not normally available through the Customer Portal. Most problems can be fixed by mounting the backup on a running system and copying the needed files off of it. If the server state is too bad, then write to us, and we will restore the server from the indicated backup.

Server hosting

May I connect the servers together using my own network and/or router?

This request can be fulfilled in two ways. The first is the creation of a dedicated VLAN, by means of which you can send private communication. The other is the placement of your own router or switch which is billable by the minimal plan of the Server Housing service – 1U.

Do you only have two server variants?

Yes, we have two types of servers on the stock. However, we allow our clients to choose a custom configuration. For example, the HPE DL380 GEN9 server can be fitted with memory anywhere from 16 GB to 1.5 TB. If needed, we will order any necessary parts for you. Even other server models are possible.

VPS Linux

Do you support FreeBSD or Alpine Linux?

Unfortunately, there currently is no stable way of automatically deploying FreeBSD or Alpine Linux on the virtualization platform which we are using. Therefore, we cannot install them automatically on VPS. However, you can install them from an ISO image yourself in the Public Cloud service. Migration of any image for the KVM hypervisor into the VPS service is also possible.

Do you offer desktop versions of Linux?

No, we do not. We install server editions of operating systems to our server. Server editions of the GNU/Linux operating system are not meant to run a graphical user interface which is a part of their desktop editions. The only difference between server and desktop editions is in the installed software packages. Therefore, there is a possibility of manual installation of a graphical user interface. However, we only recommend it to advanced users. If you cannot work without a graphical user interface, you may choose the Windows operating system instead.

I cannot log into my server. What do I do?

If you cannot log into your server (the server reports „access denied“), try these solutions, one by one:

  • Ensure you are entering the correct IP address of the server.
  • Ensure you are entering the correct username. It will most probably not be root.
  • Ensure you are entering the correct password. In the case of the VNC console: The keyboard layout on the local machine may be different from that on the remote one. You can verify the keyboard settings when entering the username.
  • Ensure that the server is running, for example using the ping command directed at the server’s IP address.

If you are still unable to log in, you may contact us directly using the online chat form which is available on the Home at Cloud website in the lower right-hand corner or using the Home at Cloud support e-mail.

Where do I find the root user password?

The root user account in the GNU/Linux operating systems is only needed for doing work concerning system administration. Actually, you do not need to know this user’s password. If you need to perform an operation requiring the root superuser privileges, it is enough to become this user temporarily. In order to do this in bash, use the command:

sudo su –

To end working as the root user, enter:


More information can be found in the bash manual or in the article Root user account. REMEMBER: WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Therefore, only use the root user account when it is really necessary. If you are not sure, please contact us, we are there to help.