TKL Redmine

The Redmine TKL image provides an application for project management, primarily in the field of IT. The main advantages of Redmine are that it provides the abilities of simultaneous management of multiple projects, role based flexible access management (RBAC), flexible bug tracking system, a calendar and Gantt diagram creator, document management, wiki and forum at the level of each particular project, integration with code and change management systems (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, …), translations, LDAP authentication support, etc.

The main page of Redmine project management Application, visible to public

After the machine with the given image is started, we can use a web browser to find (at the machine’s IP address) the main page of the application, which is visible to the public. In the upper right corner, we will click on the link for logging in and use the admin user account and relevant password. After successful login, we will be redirected to the dashboard, from which the particular project and administration layers are accessible. The list of the features is really long and even more complex as multiple projects can be managed simultaneously. The feature of self registration is a great advantage.

Inserting a new issue into a project

There are the shellinabox and webmin administration tools available inside the given image. You can find further information regarding these tools in the description of the TKL core image or in the particular separate manuals. Although there is a MySQL database inside this image, the adminer tool for its administration is not available.

The Redmine application is located in /var/www/redmine and includes many example „helloworld“ repositories, which are located in /srv . The deployment is carried out with the use of the Phusion Passenger (mod_rails), because Redmine is a Ruby on Rails application. The TurnKey Linux Redmine image contains all the components mentioned in the description of the TKL core version and on top of that:

  • Apache – web http server, currently the version 2.4.10
  • Python – programming and scripting language, currently the version 3.4.2
  • Ruby – programming and scripting language, currently the version 2.1.5
  • RubyGems – Ruby package manager, currently the version 1.8
  • Redmine application installed in /var/www/redmine and integrated with Apache 2 (mod_rails), MySQL
  • Postfix – email server, bound to localhost
  • The Webmin modules for the configuration of Apache 2, MySQL and Postfix
  • MySQL – relational database, currently the version 5.5
  • SSL support

The official documentation of the TKL Redmine image is available at: .