The VPS backup

The description of the VPS backup additional service Backup represents the key pillar to ensuring secure operation of any infrastructure, therefore we extended the portfolio of our services by adding […]

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TurnKey Linux images

What is a TurnKey Linux image? The TurnKey Linux (TKL) image is an image of the operating system (OS) with pre-installed software (SW), which is highly suitable for virtual machine […]


The shellinabox tool

The description of the shellinabox tool Shellinabox is a web console which is available on every VPS, which includes the TurnKey image. It provides the shell („command line“) features via […]


Webmin tool

Description of the Webmin tool The Webmin tool provides a web interface for the management of a Linux server or more precisely the system itself. With the Webmin tool, it […]


Adminer tool

Description of the Adminer tool The Adminer Tool allows to manage databases via a web interface and so represents an alternative to the PhpMyAdmin tool. The databases or more precisely […]


The ISPConfig control panel

Description of the ISPConfig control panel The ISPConfig tool represents the software class marked as control panels. It is a web interface for the management of hosting services provided by […]


Root user account

Problem description If you have ordered a service which includes a GNU/Linux operating system, the first thing to be of interest to you may be where do you find the […]


The IPv6 interface configuration

The description of the issue In case the IPv6 address is included in an ordered service, the IPv6 interface issue may occur under particular operating systems, where the IPv6 interface […]

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First steps in the Home at Cloud Public Cloud

The description of the Public Cloud service The Home at Cloud brand offers not only classical data centre services but also those based on virtual machines. Amongst them is the […]